Commission Status: CLOSED

I draw anything from humans, monsters, anthro, robots, etc!

Everything has more examples via GALLERY


Full facerig from me is Rigging + Art

Price shown are BASE PRICES per characterArt 180$+
Rigging 220$+
Tail Wagging 60$
Expressions/Accessories 30$+
Animated Expressions 60$+
Price heavily depends on character complexityExpressions can be added at a later date

Programs needed
Facerig + Live 2D DLC Module
No pro version needed!

v No Expressions v


Simple Animations $180

Price shown are BASE PRICES

Price heavily depends on character complexity/animation complexityCan't do drawn animationsGood for idle character animations and small cyclesMade in the Live 2D program

Sketch/Chibi's $75+

Price shown are BASE PRICES per characterFull body Price heavily depends on character complexityAdditional characters (base +60$)

Ref Sheets $80+ (per pose)

Price shown are BASE PRICES per poseAny add ons will increase pricePrice heavily depends on character complexity-Refs are flat colors (unless asked for shaded headshot/other)

Simple $150+

Price shown are BASE PRICES per characterHalf body/simple Price heavily depends on character complexityIncludes simple background (price will vary)Additional characters (base +80$)

Pinup $200+

Price shown are BASE PRICES per characterFull body image simple bgsPrice heavily depends on character complexityIncludes simple background (price and vary)Additional characters (base +100$)

Illustration $280+

• Price shown are BASE PRICES
• Pick scene, pose, everything
• Price heavily depends on character complexity
• Includes background (price will vary) If you want no background, base price will drop to 200$
• Additional characters (base +150$)


Wait times are extended


You MUST be 18 years or older to commission art from me.

Commissions take 2-3 months

Facerigs might take a little longer
due to streaming/promoting the product.

Wait times are long due to second job

By ordering a commission from me, you are AGREEING to my TOS.

DM's via Contact are ALWAYS OPEN for any questions and updates!


Payment will be sent by an invoice link. Pay the invoice to get your artwork finished / worked on. If the commission is over 800$ for some reason, we can work out a double payment plan (payment has to be fully completed before the commission can be started) other than that, payment has to be sent in FULL.

Additional Notes
In your email/DM, please also let me know the following, if applicable:
If the piece is intended as a gift or should be held as a surprise until a certain time.
If you require completion before a certain date. (more info in WAITING LIST) I do accept rush time but there will be a rush FEE. (Fee price will determine by what kind of commission you get. Normally 1/3 of total quote price. Also has to be no less than 2 weeks) Make sure to get in contact with me almost a month ahead if wanted by a certain date.


Child/Cub Porn, Child/Cub Nudity, Water Sports, Scat/Farting/Gas, Fetish Preg, Hardcore Gore or of ANY kind of Mutilation (soft gore is fine). Other than that, I will do anything else! Just ask me first if its a concern!


The only time edits can be made is in the Sketch stage..( I will NOT redo the sketch more over 3 times for free, at that point it is just wasting my time/might be scamming for free sketches, PLEASE know what you want before commissioning me!) Any part after that there cannot be ANY changes. If you really wish to change something after the editing stage you must pay a $10-100 (depending on changes/commission) fee. No exceptions
Only time sketches wont be shown will be on the Sketch commission!

I do not ALWAYS go in order when the commission was accepted due to the fact of people ordering more simplistic items. So even though there is a list, depending on what you get will determine how long it takes. I do try my very best to go in order, but that does not always go as planned! The wait time is estimated and might take longer than usual due to life matters and or work blocks.

When you order a commission from me you get the rights to use my product in anything you make since you own the piece now.

however you cannot
Sell the product (unless its an adopt, then sell for less than what you paid)
Recolor the product to sell
And or claim as your own

If any of these rules are broken you will be fined and blacklisted from being around my work and purchasing my work.

I am alright with giving refunds! However, after a month I will not allow refunds anymore due to the money already went to bills unless I deem being unable to work with you. Please think ahead before you buy!

Thanks for reading!